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Our Services:

  • Community Calendar Management: We curate and maintain a comprehensive community calendar, ensuring that every local event gets the spotlight it deserves.

  • Social Media Promotion: We leverage Facebook and Instagram to boost your community's visibility and engage both residents and tourists.

  • Newsletter Creation: Our weekly newsletters keep your community informed and excited about upcoming events, fostering a vibrant local spirit.






  • Tourist Attraction: Utilize room tax funds effectively to draw tourists with a warm, inviting community atmosphere.

  • Community Engagement: Eliminate the 'nothing to do here' mindset, promoting a stronger, more connected community.

  • Support Local Causes: Boost local fundraisers and events, contributing to the area's well-being and prosperity.

  • Boots your SEO: Drive people to your website by making your calendar the go-to for anyone looking for things to do in your area.  And the amazing people creating events will know just how to make sure everyone knows about them; list them on your calendar! 

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