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dark back ground with flowing designs of yellow and white stripes and also teal and white stripes.  Yellow splatters on the right with ribbons of white and teal stripes running vertically.  A dark teal box interrupts the ribbons and includes yellow text that reads "Showcasing your city one event at a time"  It also has a calendar image with a heart in the center.  A heart beat line comes into the heart from the left and a line of people exit it to the right.  Other text on the dark background reads "enrich your town's cultural tapestry by effectively showcasing its events and attractions" and "make your calendar the go-to for your community and tourists alike
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Our Services:

  • Community Calendar Management: We curate and maintain a comprehensive community calendar, ensuring that every local event gets the spotlight it deserves.

  • Social Media Promotion: We leverage Facebook and Instagram to boost your community's visibility and engage both residents and tourists.

  • Newsletter Creation: Our weekly newsletters keep your community informed and excited about upcoming events, fostering a vibrant local spirit.






  • Tourist Attraction: Utilize room tax funds effectively to draw tourists with a warm, inviting community atmosphere.

  • Community Engagement: Eliminate the 'nothing to do here' mindset, promoting a stronger, more connected community.

  • Support Local Causes: Boost local fundraisers and events, contributing to the area's well-being and prosperity.

  • Boots your SEO: Drive people to your website by making your calendar the go-to for anyone looking for things to do in your area.  And the amazing people creating events will know just how to make sure everyone knows about them; list them on your calendar! 

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On The Line Presence is here to help make your community event calendar the go-to for your community and attract tourists. A full calendar can enrich your town's cultural tapestry by effectively showcasing its events and attractions.

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Essential Six flyer that says "6 simple questions to ask after an event to make things run even smoother next year"  There is a stamp over the page that says "free download you can share with event managers".  The flyer shows another sheet of paper that reads "Post-event essentail six"  it has blank boxes that indicate where questions are.  A stamp on that page says "includes a ready-to-use handout"  The colors are white, teal, yellow, and dark orangish red.
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