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On The Line's philosophy


I believe that small businesses are a very important part of all of our small communities and of the national economy. I am inspired by people who start their own business to pursue their passions to make a living for themselves.  

But owning a business can be hard, there are so many things to juggle.  You started your business because you had a passion, but what about all the other stuff you need to do?  Like social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the other stuff so your potential customers can find you and become your valued customers?  Well, I am glad you are smart enough to know what you should outsource.  I would love to help you!

My passion is helping small businesses grow.  I love the idea of hard-working people enjoying life while making a living, or parents doing what they love and supporting their family.  What is the old saying? - do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. 


Having your business found today is different than it was in 1990.  To be competitive, no matter where you are located, you need to be online.  You need a web presence.


I am excited to be helping small businesses like yours not only be found but be noticed online. More and more customers of all ages are turning to the internet, and especially social media to become informed about their choices before they ever patronize a business.  You need to be sure they see you online before they head out in their car.


An overall customer experience, which starts with the first time a potential customer searches for you on the internet or through their map program, is just as important as the actual customer service they receive once they are in your business or talking to you directly. Sometimes even more important, because if they can’t find you, or find enough information about you to know that they want to spend their money with you, they may start to look elsewhere.


I love to help businesses set up and maintain the kind of web presence that fits with them and their company. I would love to help your potential customers decide that your business is the business they want to spend their money with.

And it is not just new customers, who are looking to the internet to find out about your business, your existing customers are online too, and they are seeing businesses like yours all the time. It is important to make connections with these existing customers as well. Don’t we all want to be included, to be part of the club, part of the family? Your existing customers deserve to be informed about, not only your new sale or special of the week but also to feel like they have a connection to your business. Let me help your customers feel like they have a connection to you that will keep them loyal to your business.

Social media is about connections.  (I think the secret to life is the connections we make with other people, but that is a whole 'nother  website!)  Social media is about connecting with people not just being a salesperson.  We want to connect and then convert the potential customers to customers.

About me:

I would say that my marketing journey really started while I was a Drafter and Project Manager at a trade show exhibitor company.  I had a heavy marketing and branding focus throughout my career as a Project Manager at the trade show exhibit company in Kenosha, WI.  This followed me as I moved myself and my family to a small town in central Wisconsin called Necedah, where I used these skills to develop social media marketing for my most recent jobs and volunteer organizations. I understand the need for local businesses to have a strong web presence whether their customers are all local, are tourists or weekenders, or are located across the globe. Being the President of the Necedah Area Chamber of Commerce and the Executive Secretary for the New Lisbon Area Chamber only helps strengthen my understanding of the challenges of local and small businesses. My first FaceBook customer has seen Facebook page Like raise by well over 500% with post engagements up 1438% since hiring me on.  I would love to see what I can do for your company!

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