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About The Calendar Whisperer

Hello! I'm Jessica Bilski, the heart and soul behind On The Line Presence, your go-to sanctuary for community event calendar management and promotion. Fondly known as the Calendar Whisperer, I dedicate my days to ensuring your community events have a place to shout!


Born from a love for small businesses, tourism, and local events, I've crafted my services to help cities have an amazing community calendar that lets everyone's local specials, fundraisers, and festivals shine. My mission? To enrich your community's cultural tapestry by effectively showcasing its events and attractions. Offering a platform for everyone, from a quaint local fish boil fundraiser to the bustling energy of major festivals. 


I started my entrepreneurial journey into community calendars years ago in my little piece of a pine forest outside of a small town in the heart of Wisconsin—a place I'm proud to call home. I am a wife, mother to three wonderful young adults, a friend to a spirited Rat Terrier, and a guardian to a few whimsical cats (some by choice, others via the universal cat distribution system). I believe in the power of bringing people together to celebrate the essence of community.


Whether planning my own local events, diving into school carnivals, or embracing the joy of First Day Hikes and blueberry picking seminars, I've always been drawn to the magic of community gatherings. These experiences not only bonded my family but also unveiled the rich narrative of our town. 


I would grit my teeth every time I heard someone say, "There is nothing to do here." Then, I would take a breath and give them a list of everything in my head that I knew was coming up. It was clear that there was a need for one central place to showcase all the happenings in the area.


Today, I stand ready to weave this magic into your city's community calendar. With a keen eye for exploration, I am here to curate a calendar that not only informs but inspires your community. 


Join me in celebrating the spirit of community, fostering connections, and celebrating the diversity and vibrancy of our lives.


Welcome to On The Line Presence, Event Calendar Management & Promotion. Here's to never to hear "there is nothing to do" again!

-Jessica Bilski

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