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Newsletter #2 (Moved to blog!)

Welcome to my second newsletter.  I hope you tried something from the last one that help grow your business's online presence.  Whether your business is online-only, or a brick and mortar store, your web presence is important.  In many cases, it is the first interaction customers, and potential customers have with your business.

One great way to get your business name out there is to join Facebook groups as your business.  In the past, you could only join as a person, but Facebook now allows you to join as a business.  Join groups that fit in with your business, or with interests that your customers have.  Interact as much as you can in these groups.  Answer questions people have, comment on posts, basically; don't be a wallflower, be part of the party!  As your presence grows in these groups, people will know and recognize your business more.  It will lead them to like and follow your page or group as well.  And it is always good for people to recognize your business, familiarity is good.

A key part of your online presence is making sure Google knows your business and has all of the correct information listed.  Did you know that people can suggest changes to the information Google shows about your business.  Be sure to claim your business with Google so that you can accept or deny those changes.   

I am holding a mini-workshop on August 29th, sponsored by Juneau County I&E Club.  I will be showing everyone how to claim their business or set up a business through Google My Business (that is its real name, I didn't just make that up!)  The event is free.  I have the info below, and you can find it on Facebook too.  Take a look, and share it with anyone you know who could benefit from it.  See the Facebook event here

Each e-newsletter will have one free post that you can use in your social media. 

Check one post off of your list!   Here is a Facebook post that you can use right away, or schedule for a time where you have a space in your content calendar that you have been trying to fill.  This post will be sure to get some comments. National Dog Day is August 26th

Each e-newsletter will highlight one post that I am loving!

This post is from our local school about an event they are holding.

A few good things about this post:

  • It is a graphic that has all the information, but also the post itself has text, which is important if anyone is searching Facebook for the Autumn Scamper.  Facebooks search results do not read graphics, so you need to have the text in the post that Facebook can find.

  • They added a hashtag just to give that little bit more of uniformity with their brand (yes, even schools have brands, we all do, some are just purposefully curated, and some are happenstance)

  • This post is on their regular page, but it has the link to the Facebook event.  This means it is getting to everyone who follows their page and will lead them to the event page, where they can click the button that says interested or going.

  • The graphic has all of the information and the sponsor.  Give your sponsors props as much as possible, show they are appreciated!

 Free Workshop Coming Up:

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