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Scheduled content...recalculating...

What an interesting time! Social distancing, shutdowns, uncertainties; it can be hard on a business. Did you have content scheduled to go out on social media for the next month, or three, or longer, (like you usually should)? Just like your car gps when you take a wrong turn, its time to recalculate. There is a good chance you will have to scrap some of your content or all of it (or save it for a different time). These last couple of weeks have been so unusual, and we don't know what next week may look like for our businesses and our country (or the world for that matter). I'm not here to spread more doom and gloom, I promise! I believe there can be good found in everything. Let's talk about some strategies for your business to weather this storm.

Rule #1. Stay connected. This is the only rule! This is no time to stop making connections. It may be harder to break through the extra content out there right now, but keep it up. You may not be able to schedule posts three months out, or even a month out, but get a strategy (or three) and some ideas together.

- Let your customers (and potential customers) know what is going on with your business. Change in hours, change in how they should contact you, change in services - let them know. Even if you change things today, and then change them again tomorrow. Even if you are uncertain - let them know. Everyone understands that things are changing every day at this point. It shows you are paying attention and care about them and your employees when you are changing as new information or government mandates come in.

- Social media posts about your new situation can help people feel at ease that you are adapting, and maybe in the same boat as them. Be sure to stick to your business persona though. This is not a time to start being casual if you are a very business-like company. If you are more board room than back yard barbecue, share statistics or quotes that match your persona and this situation. If you are more back yard barbecue, maybe you share a picture of your "new office" on your couch with your slippers on.

- Keep it positive! I don't know if anyone can take any more negativity. Keep things in the positive narrative. Don't say, "we were forced to shut our dining room." Say, "We are offering to go/pick up orders with our usual specials." And show pictures of happy customers with their pick up orders. And let your customers know that you appreciate their support.

-Update your Google My Business now. Go ahead, I'll wait.... If you haven't claimed your business with Google yet, start the process now. It is a great way to update your hours, business info, and make posts to let customers know what is going on with your business. The service is free from Google you just need to put in the work!

-Stay informed. Double-check information before you share it. Do not spread any falshoods.

You got this. Changing and adapting is what it is all about. You know what is best for your business, your community, and your customers. Remember to stay true to you and to your business. Social Media Marketing is about making connections. Now is a wonderful time to make connections, they just may look different than they did in February. Take a deep breath, find time to do something you enjoy, and have a great day!

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