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Newsletter #3 (Moved to Blog)

I had a great mini-workshop at the Inventor & Entrepreneur Club last week.  I love the I&E club, I enjoy talking to people who are all about ideas, there are always so many interesting conversations.  Sometimes I feel bad for Terry, who organizes the meeting because we just don't want to leave.  He has to start shutting lights off.  Lol!  Sorry, Terry!

One of the things we talked about was QR codes.  Not everyone understands these strange little blocks yet.  Here is what Wikipedia says:

Interesting, but they are so much more than just information about an item anymore.  They are a great tool to use as a shortcut to get people the information you want to get to them, or send them to the website you want them to go to.  You can create your own QR code for free online.  My new favorite place to make them is because there you can make your QR code with different colors, designs, and add graphics to the center.  You can attach your QR code to a website, email, file, or just text.  If you want to get fancy, you can pay for a dynamic QR code.  That means you can change the information that you want the QR code to give.  Maybe you print a QR code on your restaurant menus and you change the info that customers get each week to keep interested.

To view the QR content, you do need to have a QR reader app on your phone, but they are easy and free to come by.

Here is one that I made with QRCode Monkey, try it out:

Each e-newsletter will have one free post that you can use in your social media. 

Check one post off of your list!   Here is a Facebook post that you can use right away, or schedule for a time where you have a space in your content calendar that you have been trying to fill.  Post this as it is, or maybe post this with a link to where you would like to get reviews and ask for reviews.

Each e-newsletter will highlight one post that I am loving!

Jossabean Sweets Daily picture of their daily board is a great way to post what is being served up each day

This is a post from the new bakery and coffee shop down the road from my office.  They make all of their food fresh each day.  They don't offer the exact same thing every day.Why I love this post:

  • Because everything is made fresh and it changes, this is a great way to let everyone know what is on the menu today.  It doesn't take a ton of time out of her day to post it and the time it does take is well worth it.

  • It is simple but effective.  It gives me all the information I need.  When I get hungry at work, I know I can check Jossabean's Facebook page and see what is on the menu today.

  • Sometimes it is accompanied by a picture of a tempting cupcake or breakfast treat, which is always a good idea too.

  • Posting your menu allows for people to share it as well.  If the board has a Keto brownie on it, I know I am going to share that with my Keto friends.  That is the power of social media, we share it as a way to connect with each other.  Make sure to post things that people can use to connect with others - it will benefit both of you!

Upcoming event:

I am over the moon excited to be speaking about Social Media at the next Warrior Unchained event! The event is two days,  scheduled for May 1-2, 2020 at the Baraboo Arts, Banquet, And Convention Center.  It is an amazing couple of days that will inspire and uplift you.  I had a great time last year!  (And, as an added bonus, it happens to be just across the street from an awesome Distillery - Driftless Glen Distillery.  If you are ever in Baraboo, check it out!  Best Old Fashion's around, and that is saying a lot in Wisconsin.)  You can buy tickets at Eventbrite

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