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Newsletter #4 (now in blog form)

It doesn't hurt to ask.  I know some people worry that everyone is too bombarded with ads, invites to join Facebook Groups, and people asking them to share posts.  Sometimes we are, but also, if you want to get the word out about your brand or business, you are going to have to ask too. It doesn't hurt to ask your friends to share your post. They don't have to, they can always ignore your request if they so choose. Some people, especially those who don't run their own business don't realize how a little click of the share button could make a big impact. It could get one of their friends interested in your business or product.  Some people may just need a little reminder to please share!

Have you tried out any of the tips from Jessica's Journal, or the Facebook page? Used any of the free posts? If you have, I would love to hear how it went. Feel free to share it with me or my page. I will help you spread the word about your business.  

In each e-newsletter share one free post that you can use in your social media.  Check one post off of your list!   Here is a Facebook post that you can use right away, or schedule for a time where you have a space in your content calendar that you have been trying to fill.  This post is a good reminder for your friends to support you and other small businesses.

Each e-newsletter will highlight one post that I am loving

This post shows the power of asking. 

Lisa posted a camper for sale on Facebook.  She has 8 people like the post, but that was it.  The next day, Lisa simply said "Please share!" and 23 people shared the post.  If each of those people had even just 25 friends who now saw Lisa's camper, that is 575 more potential buyers.  And maybe some of those people shared the post too.

It doesn't hurt to ask!

Upcoming event:

I am over the moon excited to be speaking about Social Media at the next Warrior Unchained event! The event is two days,  scheduled for May 1-2, 2020 at the Baraboo Arts, Banquet, And Convention Center.  It is an amazing couple of days that will inspire and uplift you.  I had a great time last year!  You can buy tickets at Eventbrite

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